Caring For The Elderly

People grow up, contribute to society, and they become old. By the time they grow old they are unable to contribute to society, but since they have contributed for most of their lives, it’s up to society to care for them. You are at this point in development because someone before you took time to bring it up to a certain stage before you took over. Elderly care is prioritized in many developed countries, but developing countries have a very long way to go. Advanced countries have specific national policies in place regarding elderly care.

Elderly care itself isn’t a single major entity. It’s more or less an umbrella term that can be used to identify the various areas under which they should receive special care. When you are old, you lack the strength that you possessed during your earlier years. Not all of them are like that, as some elderly people tend to have more energy than their younger counterparts. No matter how old you are, you must maintain a certain level of physical activity. It should be remembered that as you age, the level of physical activity a person can take on would be limited. This is why even fitness equipment for old people is lightweight, so that it will cause less strain on their joints. This is because at an old age, your bones tend to lose their strength too.

A set of fitness equipment cannot solve everything. Mental health too is very important because being fit in body is not that useful if you are forever under mental stress. The elderly as a group tend to display mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s, but the onset and prevention of it is better done at a young age. Therefore, steps must be taken to better inform younger people about the various risks of these diseases, and preventive measures because sound care of yourself at a young age translates in to a better elderly life. There are steps to make sure that the elderly are of sound mental, and physical health. They should undergo regular check ups to see if they are any changes from their latest reports. They should also be advised to let someone know if they face unnatural pain at random times. Some might not tell anyone attributing it to old age where in reality it could be something that is treatable. Special attention should be given to their nutritional needs. They will require a diet rich in calcium, proteins and iron. Their diet should be decided depending on how their present health condition is because some foods can actually worsen their health condition due to a certain disease. 

Elders of a community are responsible for the state that the community is, whether it be bad or good. For all what they have done, you are just continuing work that they initiated, and once you grow old, the generation after you will take over from you. This will continue so in a cycle till the ends of time.