How Playing Soccer Proves To Be Beneficial For Women?

Soccer is a very popular game all over the world. It was generally played by men but now it has become a popular sport among the women.

Womens football is one of the most popular sports in the United States and Australia in many European countries. Female soccer players are growing among the young girls because it offers incredible health benefits. It imparts a sense of teamwork and group effort. Young girls playing soccer develop fitness and skills which keep them fit and healthy.

Team footballs are gaining grounds in specialized levels in the United States, Australia and in many European countries. Women are inspired by this particular sport. Soccer games offer numerous benefits.

1. Increased Cardiovascular

HealthIt has been proved that a woman who plays soccer improves her cardio fitness. It’s because the sport requires the player to run which is very beneficial for heart and to lose the body weight. It is better than jogging.

2. Increased Muscle Mass

A woman who plays soccer twice a week for an hour will find her leg muscle mass increased by 11%. The capillaries per muscle increase by 18% and fat and glucose metabolizing enzymes rise between 9 and 11%.

3. Increased Bone Density

After 40 years a woman loses her bone mass by 1% every year. Playing soccer can increase a woman’s bone mass between 2 to 3%. The sport makes the bones stronger and healthier.

4. Lower Body Fat 

Playing football increases the body’s activities. The game requires you to run thus the fat level of the body is reduced. The muscles are engaged in running thus the fat level is reduced from the muscles. The body fat burns faster.

5. Improved Coordination 

The game requires walking, running and jumping and this is a great benefit to the body. Body synchronization is improved because of the fast movements like dribbling, passing the ball to your team mate and turning the ball away from your opponent player. All these activities require quick movements. Even, the eye and the hand harmonization is improved when players kick or receive the ball.

6. Increased Cognitive Brain Function

Football playing increases skills, attentiveness, determination and self-control. It is a fast game which needs fast decision on the field.

7. Increased Social Interaction and Support

If you are a member of a woman football team then you need to be supportive to your team and you have to take out time for physical exercises. Team works need more commitment from the team mates. Hence, it needs social interaction and support.

8. Increase in Overall Health Benefits

Playing football increases overall health benefits. A woman, who plays soccer, shows improved balance, has a better bone thickness and better muscle mass. She even develops self-confidence.