The Importance Of A Healthy Lifestyle

You would not just want to live a life where you just get through the day and before you move on to the next world you find out that you have not been living a healthy lifestyle. Due to this reason, it is important that kids are told and trained how to eat healthy. A healthy lifestyle includes eating meals that are fully nutritious, working out daily and getting your adequate sleeping hours. These routines will ensure that your child will be healthy, grow strong and will ensure that they will not be obese. There has been an increase in the number of children who are now obese.

According to a study conducted in the USA, there are 20% of children who are currently obese. In comparison, during 1974 there were only 4% of students who were obese. Those children that are obese during their childhood end up being obese during their adult life as well, which is very worrisome. This can raise conditions and diseases such diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart disease and also premature death at an early date during their adulthood.

Other problems that would arise are increase level in cholesterol, respiratory problems, and an increase in blood pressure as well. There can be instances when one would be depressed, anxious, under go social ostracism, issues with the self-esteem and might even be bullied. The solution to this problem is to have your child enrol in a health and wellness coaching session. You will be briefed about ensuring that you eat healthy and getting the required amount of exercise per week. In many cases, all children who eat more do not get enough exercise. There are some children that eat less and exercise a lot more than should be done. With the latest social media posts about having to look good has caused a lot of pressure for young children to look like their favourite Internet role model or celebrity.

This can be quite frightening as to what children would do to look like their favourite role models. There have been reports of children at the age of six years trying to lose weight already. The society norms of today have created an image, which makes children believe that looking extremely thin, or anorexic is the answer to getting through life. If your child is going through a situation that is similar, then you should consult a nutritionist and take your child for the consultation. Remember to always provide your child with healthy meal options. Having a junk meal once in a while as they are kids and healthy food can bore them at times. But that does not mean that it should turn into a habit.